Happy Earth Day-show Mother Earth some lovin’

Hey, what happened to the cool down? It’s as hot as ever up here! Now, go plant a tree, pick up some trash, or care for her critters! Better yet, plan your solar system.

Going to visit Dakota in the doggie hospital. I am taking her my winter sweater, full of smells of me. She can’t come home until at least Friday, maybe Monday. The damage was worse than the vet thought. *Sigh* 🙁

2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day-show Mother Earth some lovin’

  1. Poor Dakota has gone through so much this past year. Hoping she and you recover soon. I know how much you must miss each other.

    We have FOGGGGGGGG up here thank God! Sending some your way…

  2. Your Dakota was surely helped by your visit, and leaving your sweater will remind her not only of you, but the smells (woods, weeds, flowers, soil, etc) will remind her and encourage her about returning HOME. I take a T shirt from the laundry basket along on a trip to the vet. If my injured pet has to stay, I ask the vet to put it in their holding cage.

    I’m convinced small animals were originally domesticated for their value as companions rather than for their ability to perform household tasks ( a bonus) Haven’t been without an animal myself (except for about 3 months after my last kitty died) since I was born. It isn’t life without animal friends! Furred, feathered, scaled, whatever.

    Best of luck to you and Dakota as she mends!

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