Ring of Fire

Arrived in SF yesterday to hear about the horrific wildfire in Santa Barbara. News reports indicate 30,000 homes evacuated as of this morni ng, unknown (to me) number of houses destroyed. I will be boarding an airplane around noon, and will be unable to keep up with developments. Check the various links to the right, or visit your favorities to keep up with the Jesusita Fire in the Los Padres National Forest.

2 thoughts on “Ring of Fire

  1. Kate,
    Things are settling down a bit for Santa Barbara, the fire is not moving west or south as much and the marine layer and calm conditions are allowing firefighters to make good progress.
    of course, it one underscores the need to be prepared for wildfires. If the same fire happened in Carmel Valley, with a start at Mid Valley, hundreds of homes could be lost in a few hours. Most folks are so lacking in basic fire safe clearance simply due to a lack of awareness.
    The Jesusita Fire may have been accidental but it only shows how quickly one careless act can affect so many lives.
    It is unfortunate that brave men and women in fire service were hurt working hard to defend homes and save lives.

  2. Thank God for our/California’s marine layer.

    I’m curious how we can maintain a 100′ line of fire safety over here in PG/Pebble Beach’s ‘forest’, when the houses are so close together with an over abundant aging canopy of trees?

    Keeping the yards clear of debri isn’t good enough & yet city regulations won’t allow us to cut back the trees or over hanging limbs.

    Any suggestions?

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