July 5th 2008

On this date, bigsurkate was born (the blog, not the person). Thanks to all my readers for your comments, your contact, and for making this so much fun!!

Last year on July 4th, Big Sur was on lock down — a ghost town. This year, Big Sur was packed. Events were held at almost every venue. Cars lined the highway at Esalen, HML, Nepenthe, Spirit Garden, River Inn. Every where one went, crowds were enjoying music, food, drink.

What a difference a year makes.

YAY! I reached 100K “hits” today for my 1 year anniversary, with no small help from my son, Brendon Shave, and thanks to all of you this past year.

3 thoughts on “July 5th 2008

  1. Hey, many happy returns of the day! Long may you live happily up there.

  2. Many Birthday Wishes to you Kate! May you enjoy many more exciting birthdays in the future! 🙂

    Glad to hear the Sur had a fun weekend with all the visitors!

  3. Happy one year anniversary for the blog Kate! I look forward to many more years of visiting this great site.

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