7/6 2008 vs. 7/6 2009

Last year, the road had been closed to all traffic for the 3d day. This year, all campgrounds are full, and there are lots of people visiting establishments up and down the coast. It is so good to see. Keep on comin’ y’all.

I took a couple shots of the gardens at Ripplewood near the Big Sur Library today. Will post one or two tonight or tomorrow.

Personal update: Dakota continues to improve. While there is still a large “gap,” the inside is healing up nicely. No outside off a leash until completely healed. Mom was moved to a rehabilitation center Friday night. So far, she’s happy there. I don’t expect that to last.

6 thoughts on “7/6 2008 vs. 7/6 2009

  1. So glad to hear Dakota’s healing more as summer moves on. Hopefully by winter she will be able to head outdoors. Also great news to hear for the economy in Big Sur and south coast. Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. My friend, 12FV appended your linked photos with “Photo by bigsurkate” on his tumblr. We are going camping up on South Coast Ridge Road at the Prewitt Ridge Campsite. Thinking of camping there for a night and then possibly going down to Andrew Molera SP for another night with a campfire. Any tips for safe and interesting travels around there?


  3. So…dealing with Mother…and Daughter (Dakota)… Keep your heart strong and within yourself, and it will all be well. We have so little influence over the vagaries of our lives…and the people in them…at least that is where I am these days. Don’t forget to laugh as often as possible…that’s what I have to remember…because it seems that after all is said and done, I end up laughing anyway!

  4. …because it always seems the (Divine) joke is on us…

  5. Yes…the Paradoxical (capital “P” because I sometimes think “Paradox” is another name for God) nature of life certainly challenges our quest for substance. It seems to me that while we look forward and count on what we see, real life is happening in the periphery and most often blind-sides us. And the harder we try to find any certainty, the harder we get ‘hit’. Makes me laugh…true.. a maniacal laugh, but laugh none-the-less. 🙂

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