Slip Sliding Away … South Coast Road Updates

I just called the Cal-Trans Hotline to see what information they provide, and as I expected, they are not current. What she does is read the Press Releases already issued, and of course, press releases are not issued on weekends, so there will not be an “official” notification of the roadway problem mentioned below until tomorrow morning. In light of that fact, I have taken the number off my notices sticky post above.

Breaking news from the South Coast: Much of the south bound lane of Highway One just south of Lucia Lodge has fallen into the ocean. Cal-Trans works diligently to hold the line, and keep the north bound lane open.

This report and photos just in from Avis Latone:

“Talked to Danny Milsap this morning and I also attached some shots.
As you can see in the pics we did lose the south bound lane here just south of Lucia Lodge. They have stop signs installed and are waiting for traffic lights. Hopefully they will be here soon. They have some k-rails in place to make it a single lane. The north bound lane is cracked too. Danny said they are going to fill the north bound lane and not bother with just putting mix down as it’s moving to rapidly for that. He hopes by doing the fill they will be able to save the north bound lane. Or hold it long enough until the state decides what they will do to repair it completely.
I know nothing official has been posted yet but this is the situation as of 10:00am on Sunday February 7, 2010.
Avis Latone”

Here are the photos she took this morning, only 1/2 hour ago:

I will be adding 3 more shots, but wanted to get this posted quickly.

And another local reports she was able to get down Nasty-Fergy to get to work, but states that there are two mudslides, both requiring 4×4. The first is just down from Lion’s Creek and it is about 8 inches of silt. The second is the next curve down. She STRONGLY advises that only locals attempt this road in its current condition.