Storm Watch, 2/18/10

Rain is predicted to hit the coast sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening. Not expected to bring much rain, only .5-.6 of an inch to the Santa Lucia Mountains. A second storm is due Sunday, then another on Tuesday. The weather pattern is very unsettled, and forecasts are all over the place regarding next week.

As for me, I am preparing for a week of storms. It is still winter. It is February. It is an El Niño year.

February’s Wildflowers

On the way down the mountain a couple days ago, I spotted some new wildflowers in bloom. I’ll have to look up the botanical names, but I’ve included the common names, for now. I’ll add a couple more later today.

The shooting stars are beginning to come out.

This is the sweet hound’s tongue. It likes moisture and shade. This is the only spot on Plaskett where it grows, that I have ever seen, anyway.

These sweet little milk maids like the shade and moisture of the redwoods.

Mission or Chocolate Bells, Fritillaria Biflora, is just beginning to blossom, only one or two so far.