Storm Watch, 2/27/10

10 pm – and to end today’s storm report, I have a couple great shots of the waves taken at Garrapata today by Cameron Douglas. Thank you Cameron!

5:00 pm – my north coast sources say there were two separate incidences of road closures, but the road opened about 4 pm. Both involved trees and/or power lines, both south of Fernwood. I am informed that the State Park does not have power. Uh oh, I hope that is resolved quickly, as the Chanterelle Festival is going on there, even as I type! The grange has power. Debbie reports another 1/2 inch in her gauge. I got another 1/4 inch after I dumped my gauge this morning at 4 inches. That’s 4.25 for the storm, 54.25 for the season.

3:10 pm – Current Nexrad. Those cells in Salinas are moving southward, directly toward Big Sur. If you haven’t been following this post today, scroll down and watch the progression of a very interesting day of storms, tsunami warnings, and road closures.


Additionally, there are reports of damage in Ventura Harbor, unknown if storm or tsunami related, but residents are reporting receeding and waves, about 3.3 ft, every twenty minutes at the Harbor and Pierpoint.

Significant rain here, again!

2:08 pm – an oceanographer in Hawaii just reported live on Hawaiian television that he had just received a report of tsunami damage in Ventura County. I have not been able to confirm that report. His information came from the Tsunami Center in AK, responsible for the entire western coast.

1:00 PM – Wow, I just got a reverse 911 call (555-555-5555) for the tsunami advisory alert. I’m a cell phone, and since I am at 3272 ft. I really don’t think I have anything to worry about, but was definitely interesting!

12:30 ROAD UPDATE: HIGHWAY ONE CLOSED (BOTH LANES) JSO OF FERNWOOD DUE TO DOWNED WIRES, PER CHP, AT LEAST UNTIL 1:15 PM. Per my friend: evidently a poll or electrical line is down between Glen Oaks and Fernwood and the road is blocked, so can’t get to the lodge.

11:50 am – for those interested in watching the Hawaiian tsunami live reports, news, tweets, and other, go to this site: live reporting
it is scheduled to hit HI in a little over an hour (around 1:05 pm, PST, first in Hilo, Hawaii, and later for other islands).

10 am – it is *pouring* here again! And for a brief moment in time, I thought I was going to see the sun! My rain gauge is fast approaching capacity, and I will have to go out during the next break to empty it. There was a mud slide JSO of Gorda late last night, but all indications are that it is open this morning. Knowing Cal-Trans, they are keeping an eye on it today!

I received another 1.5 inches after 8:30 am – for a total of 4 inches for the storm, 54 inches (originally posted 64, but that was in error) for the season. Debbie reports 2.5 inches in Big Sur Valley total for the storm. I have a bit of snow, slush, and hail on the ground this morning. San Jose reports blue skies, and Big Sur Valley reports the blue is coming through! However, Pebble Beach just reported in that it was still pouring there at 9:19 am.

On another note, a Tsanumi Warning has been issued for Hawaii with evacuations issued this morning, it is expected to hit the coast of California with minimal impact, however an advisory has been issued.”TSUNAMI ADVISORIES MEAN THAT A TSUNAMI CAPABLE OF PRODUCING STRONG CURRENTS OR WAVES DANGEROUS TO PERSONS IN OR VERY NEAR WATER IS IMMINENT OF EXPECTED. SIGNIFICANT WIDESPREAD INUNDATION IS NOT EXPECTED FOR AREAS IN AN ADVISORY.” Arrival time for Pt. Sur is given as 12:32 pm, per NOAA.