Oh, what a night!

What a great event John and Corrine Handy put on at TreeBones tonight! I wasn’t able to make the first one, but after attending the second in the Big Sur Legends Series, I will never miss another! The Handy’s are going to need to build a bigger room for all of us, in the next few years!

I cannot wait to tell you all about the unbelievable food, the Living Legend, Don McQueen, and the great community support for our sweet local public school, Pacific Valley! But it is 10 pm, I just got home, have groceries and sundries to put away, and I just ran out of gas for the gennie for the evening.

Join me late tomorrow for my report, it will take me a while to sort through the 100 photos I took just of Don. I took lots of other photos, too! It was so wonderful to see so much support from our North Coast neighbors!