Weather Report, 3/8/10

9:22 pm – it is going off again. This time, I stepped outside, collected the evidence on my black sweater, and it is primarily hail. Good night, all. Will check in in the am!

9:00 pm – Oh, my heavens! Hail, snow, sleet has just begun, and the ground is already covered! (frankly, I am not sure whether it is all or some.) It is coming from the north. I sit right on top, so the north side of my place is completely covered, but the south side has just patches. An interesting phenomena to watch from up here.

Road Update, 3/8/10

8:30 pm – I have heard nothing new regarding the Alder Creek Slide, so one can only assume that the night-time closure is in effect, and that more news will be forthcoming from Cal-Trans in the morning. The current assumption (proceed with caution when one sees that word) is that the road will open again at 7 am, with up to 2 hours delay. This is, of course, subject to the whims and fancy of Mother Nature. And lest you wonder about the 7 am opening, let me share what I have experienced. It is out of the question for Cal-Trans to work these monster slides in the dark. They get up before the crack of dawn, and are out on the road when the dawn first breaks, and they can see the danger. Then, they have to clear up whatever came down overnight to clear one lane for the public by 7 am. That is not an easy task. I know, I have been on “dawn patrol.”

Cal-Trans called this morning to inform me that the slide at Alder Creek will be open, controlled by flagging during daylight hours, and closed this evening. This is the press release from this morning: “The closure just south of Gorda (Alder Creek Slide) reopened this morning with one-way traffic control with flaggers from 7 am to 6 pm with up to 2-hour delays. The road will close again overnight tonight from 6 pm to 7 am.” So, if you are going south, make sure to stop in Gorda, use the facilities, get a cup of coffee, and bring a good book to read!

Rock Knocker is climbing Mud Creek today, so I expect some photos tomorrow. Check back then, but in the mean time, if you haven’t seen all the photos of the various slides, scroll down. There are some good ones!

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a waterfall flowing into the Big Sur River that only flows during very wet winters! Photo by Debbie Reed.

Waterfall by Debbie Reed

These were taken yesterday.

Waterfall 2 by Debbie Reed