Weather Report, 3/8/10

9:22 pm – it is going off again. This time, I stepped outside, collected the evidence on my black sweater, and it is primarily hail. Good night, all. Will check in in the am!

9:00 pm – Oh, my heavens! Hail, snow, sleet has just begun, and the ground is already covered! (frankly, I am not sure whether it is all or some.) It is coming from the north. I sit right on top, so the north side of my place is completely covered, but the south side has just patches. An interesting phenomena to watch from up here.

3 thoughts on “Weather Report, 3/8/10

  1. 9:17 pm – it seems to have been a very fast moving cell that is now gone. I expect the snow/sleet/hail to remain on the ground all night, as it is that cold. Don’t know if I will get any more, but I think it is time for this old reporter to get under the down comforter and call it a night. It is COLD!

  2. It hailed so much here that my deck was covered and so is my truck. One minute the stars are shining then it gets black looking and pours again. And it IS cold! Even down here. Should be a beautiful view of the white mountains in the morning. I’m heading for the blankets myself!

  3. The drive back up the coast from Pacific Valley was clear…good work by CALTRANS. Got into a little bit of hail near Fullers. The heavy stuff was over the Monterey Peninsula. NWS warning for severe t-storm with possible waterspouts. Lots of lightning, then heavy hail. I got a sample of quarter-size hail and took a picture of it for NWS. Hailing right now, too!

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