Storm Watch, 3/12/10

2:45 pm – the rain has begun. According to the last NOAA report I read, the rain could last for the next 18 hours Up to 2 inches in the higher elevations, but that was for the Santa Cruz Mtns. north. The Santa Lucias weren’t mentioned. Reported from SF, the rain is coming down hard there, it is raining in Big Sur Valley. But the good news is that this seems to be the last storm for a week or so, unless Tuesday’s comes further south than expected.

Clouded up considerably over the morning hours, but no rain has arrived, as of 1 pm. Will be keeping an watch on it, though. After this one passes, the weekend warms up considerably, and Sunday may easily brings us temperatures in the 70’s. Looks to be dry after today’s storm for a week or more. !