New Header Voting Results!

The results are in. These were the top three photographs in our reader’s choice poll:

First, and our new header is of Spruce Creek, taken by Jessica Westermeyer, staff at Tree Bones Resort, on Willow Creek Rd. Congratulations, Jessica!

Spruce Creek by Jessica Westermeyer

You can see more of Jessica’s photography here: Jessica’s smugmug

Our second place winner is by Martha Diehl of Rainbow at Rocky Creek Bridge. Congratulations, Martha!

Rainbow Bridge by Martha Diehl

Martha doesn’t have a link to online photographs, or if she does, I don’t know about it!

And in third place is Avis Latone with Aloe at Lucia Lodge:

Aloe at Lucia Lodge

You can see more of her photographs at her blog: bigsurwoman

Thank you to all of you who were willing to be a part of this grand experiment and to put your photographs up for others to look at and enjoy. They were all fantastic! This wee contest was so successful, I plan to host another for the summer header photograph. A new photo contest for the summer header will be announced sometime in June. So, think ahead. I got 4 inquiries/photos after the photo contest closed, for this one. While you are thinking — think landscapes shots that will most likely fit into the format I am stuck with.

Note, some votes continue to be posted, but they do not count after 3/19 at midnight. I cannot “close” the voting without deleting the post, and I do not want to do that. In any event, the results will not change.