Through the Lens of Spring

I am a Spring baby – born in May. This is my time. My spirits soar and my heart sings. I listen to the bullfrogs in my itty bitty pond at night, just outside my cottage door.

Eagle's Nest

A friend came up today, who hadn’t been here in a very long time, and looked around in awe, and said, “This really is The Eagle’s Nest.” Ah, yes. it is.

It's a Wonderful World

The wonder of the smallest flower, creeping across the ground in back of my deck, it is not my garden, but Mother Nature’s Garden. I creep with it, so I can get a closer look!
There is some talk on the NWS discussions of a series of storms slated to begin next week. I’ll be keeping an eye on this development in the next few days. The very late night Tuesday forecast stated: “BUT RAIN IS POSSIBLE AS FAR SOUTH AS MAYBE THE MONTEREY BAY BY THURSDAY MORNING.”