San Bruno Fire

Around 6 pm this evening, a natural gas main, 24″ pipe exploded, causing a crater 30′ x 25′ x 15′ deep. Many homes and vegetation are on fire. 53 homes destroyed, 120 damaged so far, at 10:30 pm. All medical staff have been called back to duty in Daly City. Injuries and casualties are expected to mount throughout the evening. Most Bay Area stations are providing live feed, and from what I can tell, it is pretty horrific. Firefighters are being called in from throughout neighboring areas, and the planning for tomorrow is already being discussed. I won’t be covering this one, other than to mention it here, but suggest you follow the local stations for that area for additional information about this fire. Our hearts and prayers go out to our neighbors to the north.

For more information on this incident, you can follow the LA Times blog here.

2 thoughts on “San Bruno Fire

  1. Emotinally most everyone feels devestated while watching the town of San Bruno burn. I watched late into the night on my TV with tears running down my face. It hit me hard because i’ve seen up close & personal how fires like this one leave not much behind to find. It burned so hot i’m certain there will be people never found because they are nothing but ashes. Even teeth burn in that type of heat. Where the gas line exploded there is nothing left but a crater and chunks of debri. The houses that were located within that 4 corner area took the full extent of the blast. Anyone inside wouldn’t have made it out. It seems from reports today, that PG&E knew there had been reports of the smell of gas in that area for several days, yet no crews were ouyt looking for it. Should PG&E be held accountable?

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