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I try to post almost every day about what is going on here in the Wilds of Big Sur, whether it be weather, road, fire conditions- or sometimes just photographs, and I usually succeed. Sometimes I cannot. Life is just too busy. My time is not my own. I am juggling too many objects, some of them sharp. Right now is one of those times. I hope to be able to post something of interest in the next few days, as I did promise you Part 3 of my Keeping Big Sur safe from wildfires series. That would be Saturday, if I am lucky. In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful weather we are having. I am!

Oh, and don’t forget the “Art from Here to There” on Sunday at 3 pm at the Ventana Terrace to benefit the Big Sur Health Clinic. Will see you there!

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  1. Kate, I please send me your email, I can’t seem to find it in my files and I want to talk to you about the Jade Festival. Thanks Robin

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