Local Level – this afternoon at 1:30 pm in the BOS chambers in Salinas, discussion will address the Monterey County Community Wildfire Protection Plan.
More information here: The Herald

State Level – this is day 83 without a budget, and no one cares, except those of us who haven’t gotten paid.
“California is now two days away from breaking its late budget signing record, which stands at Sept. 23, 2008.”

Read more: Sacramento Bee

National Level – I am always hopeful, but don’t have the stomach to even think about it this gorgeous day.

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  1. Mike, that is easily possible, and is being predicted on many fronts. There is no incentive to pass a budget, when we will get a new governor and new legislators. Unfortunately, if the new kids have to start all over, a real possibility, many predictions are that we will not have a budget until January! That would destroy many small independent contractors for the state.

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