Big Creek Photos

Reader Seth Melchert sent me a few photos he took in Big Creek a few years back, and said I could share them with you. I chose these two because of my love of foggy photographs. Thank you Seth for sharing these with me and readers of bigsurkate.

Big Creek 2006 by Seth Melchert

Big Creek 2007 by Seth Melchert

9 thoughts on “Big Creek Photos

  1. I appreciate the comments. Those are magical moments, and you almost have to seize them when they happen. I especially like the oak – there is a limb in the middle that reaches out of the mist towards you. In this smaller blog format it does not show as well as in native resolution.

    No, I do not have a photo web site…I’m kind of a Luddite with some of these things. I’ll try to feed more to Kate and she can post if moved.


  2. Yes, really beautiful, Seth. There are so many moments when this coast—especially the South Coast—looks like a mountains-and-rivers scroll painting.

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