New Week – New weather

While cold this morning, the skies were crystallized blue – beautiful blue – sunshiny blue. Deck was frozen and quite slippery. There was a dusting of snow on Cone Peak, and I missed that photo op. Darn.

Chance of a storm on Thursday, but only a slight possibility at this point, so we could be in for a wonderful string of weather this week. I’ll post a photo of Salmon Creek happily flowing taken this morning when I get in tonight.

Here’s Salmon Creek this morning:

Salmon Creek, 1/3/11 by bigsurkate

Tomorrow, if time permits, photos of Mud Creek, which slid last night, and closed the road south of Gorda. I have before, and the clean up. Rock Knocker and I have been keeping an eye on this spot!

6 thoughts on “New Week – New weather

  1. Waterfalls everywhere. From the beach at Sand Dollar (near north end) there is a really cool double waterfall that is about 50 feet with each step. The backdrop of the cliff, the mountains in several layers is a total painting. I’ll try to remember the camera next time I go jade hunting around there. It seems that everywhere I go, there are waterfalls galore!

  2. I lived at Salmon Creek many many moons ago for several ‘summers’ and one winter. I have been there on & off over the years at different times. I have never seen it so full of life & water as it is now. The photo is worth a thousand words. I think this year the jade will flow to the ocean to collect and soothe our souls. 🙂

  3. Salmon Creek in high flow!!! Great pic Kate. One of my best experiences was driving to Salmon Creek from Esalen during a storm and hiking up to just below the falls. The water was shooting off the top, out to about 20 feet..or more…before it went down to the creek bed. The roar was so great, you really couldn’t even hear yourself think. A wonder for sure! God I miss the Sur! But wait…do I hear a thought in my head to get my butt out there this Spring? I think so!!!! 🙂

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