BSMAAC Meeting report

Yesterday’s meeting was very informative, and led by Bill Monning, managed to stay on schedule and on time. It was nice to see our new Sheriff, Scott Miller in attendance, as well as PUSD Superintendant, Rayanne Thomasson. Here are just a few of the reports given by various attendees.

State Assembly Member Bill Monning reported on the current status of the Coastal Trail project, then called on other core members of the team developing the planning process document for their assessments. Mike Caplin and Jack Ellwanger both provided their positions, while members Honey Williams and Betty Withrow stood on Monning’s report. The current configuration of the trail process can be obtained from Noelle White, Monning’s aide. The next meeting of the planning process group will be held February 22nd from 3-5 pm

Of course, budgets, federal, state, and local were a great part of the reporting by various agencies. It affects services governmental agencies can provide. Sherry Tune, of the USFS reported that forest wide, the Los Padres National Forest is under injunction from a law suit filed by Los Padres Forest Watch preventing any road maintenance, until a more current up-to-date biological report can be created.

Bad news for me and other users of Plaskett, which hasn’t been graded in 10 years. South Coast Ridge Rd. was graded this past spring, so it should be alright this year. Willow Creek Rd. and Nacemiento Rd. are both county, so should not be affected.

Also of note to Big Surians, the AMAGEN bicycle race is back on Highway One this year, but it is to be held in May.

Finally, meetings which are of note coming up are: March 8th and 9th with the USFS regarding the proposed Milpitas Special Interest Area in and around The Indians, Junipero Serra Peak, and Merle Ranch. These meetings will be held in the King City USFS office. March 10th and 19th, CPOA and Sam Farr are hosting a meeting regarding HR 4040- the proposal to create the Monterey District Unit of the Los Padres National Forest. These meetings will be at 10am and held at the Conference Center at the Big Sur Lodge at Big Sur State Park.

Lots of information this past week, and will be covering the upcoming storms next week, but I would love to post some photos and art for a change of pace the next few days.

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