Smoke on the Horizon

There is a LOT of smoke on the horizon out to sea. I’m guessing a controlled burn, probably at Ft. Ord, but will do some investigation and let you know.

And hour and a half searching, but can find nothing on this smoke, so I am going with a controlled burn. I remember the USFS notifying us that there was going to be a number of controlled burns on the Brazil Ranch through April, and of course, the old Ft. Ord is always a good bet.

BTW, the “shitty hang gliders” are back – you know, the “God is Awesome” Dodge Durango. I haven’t seen them, just been told about them. Let’s see if they clean up their prior mess – which despite rain and wind is still there!

4 thoughts on “Smoke on the Horizon

  1. Sky’s clear awesome blue here above the Hawks Perch, Clear Ridge, etc, but I don’t have a view of the horizon. Maybe the S.H.G. will reform. Hope springs eternal. If not, I’ll paint a little sign on wood for you, maybe Keep Hang Gliders Campsite Clean. Or, He Who Leave Mess, Don’t Fly. Suggestions welcome.
    Dear Lookout Kate. Thanks for all the watching and that caretaking heart of yours.

  2. I am surprised anything can burn right now. We are still very green here in the Central Valley.
    I’m somewhat concerned about the upcoming fire season, two rainy winters means lots of fuel built up as a result.
    The first little fires of the season will tell the tale.

  3. We saw what looked to be a controlled burn out towards Loma Prieta a couple of days ago. Don’t know whether it’s the source of your smoke, nor have we seen it since then, having been stuck indoors. Green, even mucky though it may be, it’s also weirdly dry in many spots. I may grouse about showers on my day off this week (Wed), but my container plants tell me it’s way too dry for Feb. Thanks for your vigilance, Kate.

  4. I haven’t noticed any burning at Fort Ord in the past few days, and usually we can see it (not to mention smell it) from home. I suspect they wouldn’t dare burn during the AT&T golf event. We did notice an extraordinary number of loud private jets flying out of Monterey, one about every 2 minutes for several hours yesterday after 4 pm.

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