Surprise at home – snow still here!

What a shock that was – to find pockets of snow still remaining from the snow storm last weekend up here on Top o’ the World. I did not take photos when I arrived, as I had much to unload, and excited dogs to greet. The huge winds that came through when I was gone, knocked the cell signal booster off kilter, and so my signal strength is not quite good enough for photo uploads, but will try to rectify that before the snow comes.

Temps are so low here, that ANY precipitation will result in snow. The NOAA forecast for this afternoon is very interesting, and quite long. Rather than produce it, click on this link: NOAA discussion

Also, would LOVE to receive your snow photos this weekend, and have a snow photo day post of how it looks ALL over Big Sur – or San Jose, or wherever you are in California. If all the forecasters are right (and many are saying this will be quite the wide-spread event) then it could be very beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Surprise at home – snow still here!

  1. Glad that you made it home. Wishing you warmth and strength for both your recent experiences and the blast of cold weather headed your way. You’ll certainly get more snow.
    Even Santa Margarita is forecast 22 degrees Saturday morning, so perhaps I’ll get some snow too. Best wishes

  2. Welcome back Kate. Your enthusiasm for snow knows no bounds. I’m worried about the plants in bloom, even if a white cover over all will be some kind of magic to see. The Chanterelle cook-off is this weekend here. Bad weather for it last year, rain, not snow! but we got a good crowd anyway.
    Thank you once more for your steady bright signal that does so much to connect the neighborhood.

  3. First of all, welcome home, Kate!
    I have to share this with all you Big Sur people as I just have to watch your area from afar. We have been hit this week by ice storm, first, and then a huge snow and high winds following; and the weatherman said it came from California. Today we are having an ice event this AM and by rush hour the “SNOW” is to begin to fall and pile up to 6 inches once again. The weatherman said it is from California. We get to rest this week end as all calms down, but rest we will because “the weatherman” said California is sending us another on Monday. Thanks!!!! 🙂 Oh. He also said something about this being normal la nina…… I like the idea that my friends in Big Sur are sending this my way because they don’t want me to lose out on the fun!

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