Rocky Creek Update

First, let me dispel the rumors. All is going well and the 4th row of horizontal nails will be completed soon. And if you don’t think they aren’t working just about round the clock trying to get this road open, then take a look at this photo by Ben Grasmuck:

Dawn at Rocky Creek by Ben Grasmuck

From Kirk Gaffill, president of the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce, comes this report from a meeting between Cal-Trans and community members held today:

“Installation of soil nails is 75% complete and production rates are far
better than originally expected, due to excellent quality of drilling conditions. Fourth and final row/bench of soil nails is being installed as of today.

Weight load and length limit parameters are anticipated to be identified by Friday, April 15, 2011. At this time, if all continues to go well, there is an excellent chance that there will not be either a weight load limit or length limitation specific to this area of Highway 1.

Caltrans will provide a new progress update on Monday, April 18, 2011, at which time a goal date for re-opening Highway 1 should be provided. If all continues to go well, there is a good possibility that the projected re-opening of the north bound lane with signal control will be approximately a week after Monday, April 18, 2011. It must be emphasized that the anticipated re-opening in that time frame will require continued excellent drilling conditions and all else must go well.”

In other words, if Mother Nature has no more tricks up her sleeve, either on the ground or in the skies, then we can anticipate the highway to reopen one lane on or about Monday, April 25, 2011. Absent surprises, of course. ;-]