Reader’s Recent Photos of Big Sur

I have a number of photos from readers taken over the past few days I’d like to share. I’ll try to identify the location, date, and photographer, if I can.

Big Sur River, 4/9/11, by Debbie Reed

I chose this one because I love the way the light is reflected off the water, and the color it becomes. Thanks, Debbie!
Mouth of Carmel River, 4/5/11, by Simon Eagar

Messing with Mama, is the comment Simon made about this photo. Thank you, Simon!
Juan Higuera Creek, 4/2/11, by Gabriel Hyppolite

Big Sur River, 4/2/11, by Gabriel Hyppolite

Thank you Gabriel!

I also have some by Rob Weeler taken on his trip across the N-F Rd yesterday, but unfortunately, they are quite large, and the 17.9 MB file is hanging up the others. When they finally download (if they do) I will add one of two of those.)

Okay all but the 17.9 finally downloaded, so here are a couple!

Nacimiento Snow, 4/8/11, by Rob Weller

Nacimiento View, 4/8/11, by Rob Weller

Remember, folks. I live in the wilderness with no high speed internet. I’m cellular and photos can take a while, unless you make them a bit smaller.