Alder Creek Closed AGAIN

I got unofficial word of this earlier today from Rock Knocker Alder Creek, MM 7, south of Gorda. There is a big crack up at the top, the pebbles are rolling, and it is only a matter of a short time (tonight? tomorrow?) before it lets go! Extremely unstable per Rock Knocker, the guys who have been up top, and now its OFFICIAL. Nacimiento-Fergusson is the way in and out again for a while – unknown how long. Cal-Trans will reevaluate this tomorrow to see how much movement there is. From yesterday until today, there was a surprising and unexpected amount of movement.

Rumors that it will open tonight are very likely inaccurate, as the closure happened about 4:30 pm, and I’ve been watching this development most of the day.

Be The Light Fundraiser

I have heard wonderful things about the benefit this past Sunday night for Rachel Short, the local photographer injured in an auto accident on November 1st, 2010. It is amazing the way people are pulling together to help out in any way they can. Her care and recovery will be a long and expensive road for her and her family. She is clearly adored by all who know her.

Here is a link to a video of her story. It is a vimeo video, which I have only been able to see a bit of. My slow internet works best with youtube, which I can load in the background. Be the Light on Vimeo

There is a great article in the Monterey County Weekly Food Blog (with photos) of the event here: MCWeekly

And photojournalist Nic Coury of the MCWeekly has a great photo album of the event on his FB page: Be the Light Album

And lastly, I found a wonderful album of Gina Weston’s on FB of the event here: Gina Weston Photos

For many of us, we can only hope there will be more opportunities to attend events such as this to assist her, but don’t forget, donations can also be made. There is a donation page here that makes it all easy with paypal, credit cards, instructions on where to send checks.