Alder Creek Closed AGAIN

I got unofficial word of this earlier today from Rock Knocker Alder Creek, MM 7, south of Gorda. There is a big crack up at the top, the pebbles are rolling, and it is only a matter of a short time (tonight? tomorrow?) before it lets go! Extremely unstable per Rock Knocker, the guys who have been up top, and now its OFFICIAL. Nacimiento-Fergusson is the way in and out again for a while – unknown how long. Cal-Trans will reevaluate this tomorrow to see how much movement there is. From yesterday until today, there was a surprising and unexpected amount of movement.

Rumors that it will open tonight are very likely inaccurate, as the closure happened about 4:30 pm, and I’ve been watching this development most of the day.

9 thoughts on “Alder Creek Closed AGAIN

  1. Kate, is Alder creek near Gorda? or Limekiln? wow, I have lived in Big Sur for 20 years and my geography is lacking, can you let me know??? thanks Michelle.

  2. I guess if Nacie is the only way in and out, that pretty much answers it, just want to be sure is all:)

  3. So, if we were to use the NF road as a detour from the north, we now have to return to 101 on the NF to continue south? This trip keeps getting more and more complicated! Sounds like we are going to see Carmel/Monterey and San Simeon and that might be about it.

  4. When I take a look at your site, Kate, which is frequently, I always click the rating Excellent button because it’s you and you are, and what you deliver is. But this time I almost couldn’t with the news above. It must be a rush of joy and innocence that had me feeling so good with yesterday’s CalTrans update on the big fix. Good luck to everyone south, to all of us, I hope the north holds.

  5. Hi Kate,

    The CalTrans website is now also showing a closure south of the county line. Of course, they don’t show the very useful MM indications that we all rely on, but it indicates 1.3 miles south of the border.

  6. Allan that would be Ragged Point, the usual place to close the road on the southern end. But the break on top, above the road, is at 7 mm or Alder Creek.

  7. I’ve only been here for 25 years, granted, but in all that time, I’ve never seen so many closures – and we did not even have all THAT much rain. What did it was those 10 inches – plus (remember my rain gauge finally broke that week) that did it. It is as if Mother Nature is taking things into her own hands, as she seems to be doing all over the planet the last few years.

    Sometimes, keeping a positive attitude is a real challenge. But I know that when I go out the back way, I will be greeted with glorious views and the colors of green will inundate my sight. It is beautiful.

  8. Thanks Kate for reminding me that the back way has such spectacular scenery! Tried to get 2 horses to Templeton & Pozo today & was stopped at every turn & now I know why. The road is just to un-stable right now!! My favorite term for this winter is “Don’t Push the River” or yourself or anyone else!! Of course “The Serenity Prayer” helps too!! Hang in There Everyone!!

  9. Hi all you Big Sur people – we are about to visit your wonderful region from Scotland and are very confused – can’t seem to work out which section of route 1 is inaccessible.
    Thanks for this site bigsurkate – I will check it daily.

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