Alder Creek Slide Photo

Imagine getting caught in this if you ran the barricade last night, and I know some of you did. Sorry I am so late with this, but my systems were in a snit this morning, and did not want to cooperate.

Alder Creek Slide, 4/15/11, by Stacy Johnson

The last one took a week to clear, and this one looks bigger in my opinion, but what do I know? Now, the question becomes – which will open first? Rocky Creek or Alder Creek? And when?

3 thoughts on “Alder Creek Slide Photo

  1. Holy moly – we got out of there just in time. Had a group come out from Kirkcreek in the morning after backbacking. Thank goodness.

  2. Only one comment tells me we are all stunned. It seems to be just one after another, and my sense of humor is getting sorely tested. Get comfortable in King City, this one is going to be a while. I have photos coming tomorrow that were taken from up top.

  3. Well, the school is out for Spring Break, so I take a break from “Over the Nacimiento”, day after day…and head to the mountains of Idaho. That said, I leave you for now with this poem (it is sung to a bluegrass-style chord pattern, with several “yeehaw’s thrown in):


    when the rain
    and the wind
    did turn into snow
    and it’s up the Donner
    I must go …

    But the high ridge
    dragon’s -breath
    blizzard did blow,
    as it stood between me
    and Idaho

    With the grindin’ of the ice
    beneath the wheel
    I forget to remember
    just exactly
    what I feel

    Through the silent
    sleet blade
    as sharp as steel
    was the barrier with
    which I had to deal

    But my sweetheart’s rig’s
    good to carry me through
    and the road
    in my headlights
    points straight to you

    The wind and the snow,
    The wind and the snow
    The wind and the snow
    It did blow!

    The wind and the snow
    The wind and the snow
    And it’s up the Donner
    I did go.

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