Reader’s Recent Photos of Big Sur

I have a number of photos from readers taken over the past few days I’d like to share. I’ll try to identify the location, date, and photographer, if I can.

Big Sur River, 4/9/11, by Debbie Reed

I chose this one because I love the way the light is reflected off the water, and the color it becomes. Thanks, Debbie!
Mouth of Carmel River, 4/5/11, by Simon Eagar

Messing with Mama, is the comment Simon made about this photo. Thank you, Simon!
Juan Higuera Creek, 4/2/11, by Gabriel Hyppolite

Big Sur River, 4/2/11, by Gabriel Hyppolite

Thank you Gabriel!

I also have some by Rob Weeler taken on his trip across the N-F Rd yesterday, but unfortunately, they are quite large, and the 17.9 MB file is hanging up the others. When they finally download (if they do) I will add one of two of those.)

Okay all but the 17.9 finally downloaded, so here are a couple!

Nacimiento Snow, 4/8/11, by Rob Weller

Nacimiento View, 4/8/11, by Rob Weller

Remember, folks. I live in the wilderness with no high speed internet. I’m cellular and photos can take a while, unless you make them a bit smaller.

4 thoughts on “Reader’s Recent Photos of Big Sur

  1. Wonderful to see these. I wish I’d taken pictures of the trees speeding down Big Sur River, instead I just stood there for hours with my mouth open. Glad common sense prevailed for photographers here, they are beautiful views of this wonderland.

  2. Thank you Kate and photo takers. So nice to put attention on why we live here and focus on that while they work on the road.

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