The Road less traveled … (part 2)

No new updates from Cal-Trans on the road conditions, no new weather reports of significance, and while I see if I can put together a series of links for the Rachael Short benefit last night (I could not attend), I will share more visions from the road from Salinas to Soledad.

Shadows on Adobe by Kate Woods Novoa

Fruit of the Vine by Kate Woods Novoa

A cross to bear by Kate Woods Novoa

Gently leafing out by Kate Woods Novoa

The River by Kate Woods Novoa

6 thoughts on “The Road less traveled … (part 2)

  1. Tim, that is the mission in Soledad. It is a small, out of the way, little mission that has been preserved and restored pretty well. I did not go inside, due to time constraints, but will the next time.

  2. Really lovely, Kate. Oh that sky and water. I love the shadows, it’s a surprise. There’s some melancholy to them all somehow. You don’t miss much.

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