17 thoughts on “Blessed Be …

  1. Images like your photo reach a sacred level. Is is what upwells in my dreams and visions. They flow out of my psyche and into watercolor paintings, poems, and more. Even the mere glance and thought of a visual like what you have posted imparts that sacred power. The Shoshone give it the name “Wyakin”, (also called “Wakan” by Sioux). Your photo is spiritually “packed”!

  2. Breathtaking Kate. Thank you for the reminder and the tapping into sacred blessings and gratitude. Blessed to have you in my circle.
    Happy Day.

  3. Sometimes, the Photographer has all Equipment available, and, Perhaps, invited to See and Record an Image of Beauty <<< YOU Got it, Girl … Bravo !!

  4. leave it to mother nature to remind us of the things that are most important in life. It’s like a little tap on the shoulder 🙂

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