Seasons – Big Sur style

As I was changing over from the weather links to the fire links for the season, I realized that Big Sur has two primary seasons – at least as far as this blog is concerned — Road season and Fire season. Last year we had a bit of a spring with wonderful wildflowers, but really this year, while there has been some display, it hasn’t been as prolific as prior years. It seems as if we skipped spring and went from a very long winter to a very early summer – particularly this week.

While the road is still closed at Alder Creek, and will remain so until June something, the first fires were reported at the Grapevine tonight – near the intersection of 99 and I-5. Several grass fires of only 5 acres or so.

Also, Los Padres National Forest reported their first fire of the season (that I have heard of) tonight before 8 pm – “Santa barbara county working a fire the happy canyon area. FS assisting. Unknown on size or fuel type.” “This would be the Happy Incident and it looks like its about 3 acres with LPF.”

While any significant fires are still probably a few months off, depending on the weather, awareness should start creeping into all our consciousness once again.