Monday Musings

I wrote a post yesterday about the State Park closures – our two are Garrappatta and Limekiln State Parks – but that led to a rant about how this state overspends on the prison system, which I decided not to post. I wrote about yesterday’s nasty dawn weather, but I haven’t replaced my broken rain gauge, so I don’t know exactly how much we actually got. The winds were wicked, but I haven’t gotten my new weather station with wind gauge set up, yet, so I had no figures to report, so I decided not to post.

This morning I had a column promised to The Cambrian. I provide a Big Sur perspective on the road closure every week or two since Rocky Creek slipped out back in mid-March, so I’m kinda written out today. So, instead, I have a photo of Western Columbine sent by Martha Diehl that I just love and thought I would share.

Oh, and don’t forget the BSVFB Muster at the State Park on Saturday, the 21st from noon until 3 pm. And the Big Fashion Show at the HML on Thursday, May 19th!

Western Columbine by Martha Diehl