Photo Contest & Alder Creek

The photo contest ends tonight at midnight, and I only got SIX entries!! Where is everyone?? Waiting until the last minute? You don’t have to live in Big Sur to submit, the photo just has to have been taken in Big Sur. If you submit more than one, I will pick either the one *I* like best, or the one that fits the format best. Long and narrow is what will work best.

submit to:

By 6 pm tonight, 7 more people have submitted photos – some submitted multiples, which is fine, but I will only post one per person. I will probably have to cull it down to the top 10 if we get more than 15 people submitting, and then it will take me a few days to sort, organize, etc. and then I will put up the final group for my readers to vote on. You will only have a few days to vote, and then I will post the winner. Remember, there is a prize for the winning photo, besides several months of exposure on my header. 😉

And just LOOK at the daily progress. Scroll down for photos of 5/27 and 5/28. Here is one from 5/29, and the daily progress is astounding, isn’t it??

Alder Creek 5/29/11 by Stacey Johnson