Photo Contest & Weather

The photo contest for my header photo is closed, and I got flooded with entries last night, so it will take a while to sort through, download all photos, choose ten photos from some absolutely phenomenal photographs I received and get the best up for all of you to vote on. I am in awe at all the talent I have seen this morning. If you missed it this time, don’t worry, I will have another in a couple months, or so. Start watching my “notice” post at the very top of the blog for the announcement.

Because I got so many wonderful photos, after the contest is completed, I will be posting some of the rest of the entries in batches, so you can see the wonderful quality of photos submitted this time – and almost everyone submitting was doing so for the first time. Thank you all for participating. It is one of my favorite things to do with this blog, and there will be many more opportunities to participate.

As you all are aware, it rained Sunday (about 1/4 inch in Big Sur Valley) and rained a bit today, more expected in the am, and then a significant storm this weekend. It is also quite cold up here, so I stocked up on more propane for my propane heater. Unbelievable. Tomorrow is June, for Pete’s sake. One thing is probable, and that is that fire season should be delayed this year.

I hope we do have a summer, at some point. I can’t plant my tomatoes and veggies until it warms up a bit!