Many announcements vie for your attention

Just in the last two days, I have gotten three requests to post information for your perusal, so I am combining them all here. I have photos and other things I need to catch up on, as well as the usual updates, and don’t forget, the PHOTO CONTEST IS HERE!! I’ve only received THREE entries, and Memorial Day is almost here. I will have a prize for the winner, too.

The first in was from the Public Information Office of the USFS Los Padres Forest office in Goleta. The bottom line is they are doing what they can to repair storm damaged roads. The notice starts out like this: “GOLETA, CA… Los Padres National Forest officials today announced that many Forest roads will remain closed to vehicle traffic until the required environmental analyses are completed and road damage can be fully evaluated.

Recognizing the impact these closures have on public recreation, Forest Supervisor Peggy Hernandez addressed the regulatory steps required to re-open storm-damaged roads, and outlined her strategy for accomplishing the work required under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA).'” So, now we all know, they are doing their best given the resources, manpower, and regulations under which they labor. (Gotta love the feds, eh?)

The second request is to notify you about a new website which looks at Sam Farr’s bill to create the new Monterey District Management Unit. This was sent anonymously, and the website is maintained anonymously. That should set off some bells in your head – it did in mine. I have never posted requests from anonymous sources in the past, and do not intend to start now. I will keep an individual or organization anonymous, if requested, but if I am not “permitted” to know the source of the information, I certainly cannot support it blindly. I read the entire website, which does have some great links to historical information about the wilderness designation, wildland fire fighting, federal acquisitions of private land, and work force housing, to name just a few, but it was clearly built with a very specific agenda in mind. Some of what is advocated on this website I support. Some, I do not. Fact and opinion are artfully blended together. It is a well thought out site, very professionally done, but which has a very specific agenda about Congressman Farr’s bill, and changes which this anonymous person or persons feel need to be made before it is presented. Some of the language this person or person proposes is unenforceable and bad policy, in my opinion. You can make up your own mind. Google farrsbill and you will probably find it. Remember to sort out fact from opinion here. There is a meeting with Sam Farr on June 18th about Congressman Farr’s proposal, so keep that in mind.

Thirdly, I have been requested by the Ventana Wilderness Alliance to notify everyone about National Trails Day on Saturday, June 4th. Celebrate National Trails Day at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park – Saturday, 4 June 2011. “Volunteer sign in begins at 9 am at Big Sur Station…. Following the trail work, all are invited to a reception at Big Sur Station to celebrate the public unveiling of the Ventana Trails Forever Fund – an endowment held at the Community Foundation for Monterey County to support public trail maintenance across the Ventana and Big Sur region. Enjoy celebratory food and drink while swaying to the sweet tunes of Songs Hotbox Harry Taught Us. Reception begins at 3:30pm.”

Okay, those are the requested announcements, but here is another I do without request.

Baseball season has started!! YAY!!

“For more than 30 years, a very colorful and sometimes competitive softball league has provided fun, entertainment and a sense of community for the residents of Big Sur,
California. The rules of the league have been influenced by its unusual “ball park,” which actually features trees in the field of play. The ball park lies on sunny flat alongside the
Big Sur River within the boundaries of Pfeiffer-Big Sur State Park. Here, on Monday and Tuesday evenings from the beginning of June through the end of August, a host of
locals and an occassional curious visitor gather to watch teams like the Outlaws, the Dogs and the Burritos renew ancient rivalries …”

Here is the link for the BASEBALL SCHEDULE!

Quite a bit of rain, yesterday, but blue skies today, which will continue through Memorial Day, although temperatures are predicted to be below normal.

Okay, that’s it for now, more when the internet goddess, who is quite tempramental at the moment, allows. Also, with an increase in requests for announcements, I will probably move all such announcements from the front page, back to the announcement page, which seems to happen every summer, as these requests increase.