Spring has been canceled this year …

Or, at least that is what it feels like. A rather significant storm is coming in this weekend, it continues to be more of a winter weather pattern, than a spring one….and cold. The Solstice is less than 3 weeks away, it is just getting dark at 9 pm at night, it is 41 degrees outside, and I still can’t plant my dang tomatoes! I want to know … WHO CANCELED SPRING THIS YEAR?

My SLO weathercaster is indicating up to an inch of rain possible this weekend, but other reports I have seen show that Big Sur could experience up to 2 inches on Saturday and Sunday. Snow levels will be dropping in the Sierras, and if I get snow up here – I’m headed for the tropics!

So, I will try to sort through all the photographs and see if, during the rains this weekend, I can’t get the top ones up for your viewing pleasure. In the mean time, don’t put those long-johns away quite yet!

3 thoughts on “Spring has been canceled this year …

  1. Whoever cancelled spring, I want it back. Especially in time for summer. Last year, not much of a summer. Looks like we’re headed that way again. grrrrr

  2. Spring has been replaced by “springter” this year. It was 38 degrees in the Big Sur valley last night! It’s June 2nd and I had to wear a coat to work this morning.

  3. I like your wording Kate. Spring has been cancelled is so accurate. I am wishing for a mellow warm Summer of 80-90 degree days, little to no wind with a small breeze and warm nights for tourists and locals to enjoy. I know the rain is good for the skin but our campers get soaked. It does help for the 10pm quiet time rule but I am ready for SUMMER. Thank you.

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