Stormy Saturday


3:30 pm – unbelievably, there is a wildland fire on the other end of the Los Padres National Forest with structures threatened. Hard to believe as I sit here and listen to the wind and the rain pelt this mountain top!

3:00 pm – my neighbor just got back from work at Lucia, where there was not a single customer, to report his wind gauge recorded 82 mph winds. I am usually a bit higher, so 90 mph is not a bad guess. Still windy, but not that high! And the rain seems to have abated for now. He also reported there were lots of rocks coming down on the highway down here, so NOT a good day to be out and about.

12:45 pm – CHP reports rocks in the NB lane from Coast Gallery to Palo Colorado this am, but it appears to all be cleared. With this tremendous amount of rain in such a short period of time, rock and mud slides are highly likely, so drive carefully, and keep a “heads-up” if you need to be traveling Highway One this weekend.

I have brought back most of my weather links for the duration of this whopper of a storm there on the right under 2010-2011 La Niña links (the bitch). Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Barbara Ray.

I have gotten AT LEAST 2 inches, thus far, and there is no sign of lessening. The winds are horrific, hurricane force, but I can’t give you exact speed as my gauge is still inside. All I can say, is it is a nasty one, reminiscent of January. Yeah, it will cut down on the dust, delay the fire season, and cut down on the bug life, but at the moment, I feel as if I am in the midst of a hurricane! Oh, life in the wilds of Big Sur, eh? Hope you all are fairing better.

Here is a shot of the cyclone which is spinning over us. I’ll add more info throughout the day.

Cyclone, courtesy of Dave Allen

Here is the second one:

Cyclone 2 courtesy of Dave Allen (and NOAA)

At noon, NOAA is reporting 3″ in the last 24 hours in Big Sur, and over 5 and 1/2″ at Mining Ridge – so yeah, I’d say I got WAY over 2″! Lots of banging outside. I am not liking this at all!

7 thoughts on “Stormy Saturday

  1. Well I just got back from 85-90 degree weather with humidity. I LOVED it. Everything is green. But I have to say, except for the temperatures, I love this rain. It is the sound of drowning dust and black flies; Music to my ears. Bring it on. Summer rain in Big Sur-YAY!
    Sorry about the roof. I remember when our place was not sealed up and we went through the winter- NOT FUN!!!

  2. I was supposed to go to a celebration for my friend “FUMI” who died at age 41 but did not go because 3 branches fell on my house, the last one shattering 1 sky light and putting a crack in the other and my kitties were so affected by this that they did not come out from under the bed for over 3 hours, gave me time to clean up the glass. So I stay put at Riverside Campground and see the river come over our bridge and be the protective energy for my kitties an my house. I have gold lighted my house many times this morning. The Big Sur Valley is getting rain.

  3. Hey Kate…looks like you’re going to get a break from the rain here shortly…before the next wave hits. Might give you time to check on things outside, unless the wind continues. Hang on out there! This looks like a doozy for sure! Really tightly wound system….

  4. Wow, Kate, it sounds as though you are getting the brunt of the storm on your hill. Sorry about your roof. I so hope your electronics are ok. We here in PG are yes, faring much better, thankfully. Not even a power outage as yet. Hope it gets better for you!

  5. The rain has not let up here in Cambria. It’s 5:45pm and we’ve already had 1.1 inches since the rain started sometime after 1am this morning – less than 17 hours. There’s no sign of letting up.

  6. I have not preyed on line aloud every, thou it works alone-thought to give it a try-(our mother/fater earth,and son’s and daughter’s and the GOD within us all-) can you give us a heads up when fire season starts?-thanks

  7. Hi Kate, 3.5 inches here in the valley right now at 7:00 p.m. Road was a mess going to town. I had to go around a car with a flat tire at the Rocky Creek light this morning.

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