9 thoughts on “Did someone mention ribbon cutting?

  1. That’s too fabulous for words. I don’t know if these guys ARE Big Sur or picked up the vibes and the spirit. They’ve got to have been buoyed by what we’ve all enthused and this shows it. Bravo to the shovel and pick and earth movers. SPLENDIDO!!!!

  2. They do look happy, and probably relieved as well. It was such a huge job!
    And well done!

  3. also……is it better to get to Big Sur Pfeiffer from the north in Monterey still? or trust no massive traffic on north 1.

  4. Thank you. On Sunday mid day (6/12) I’m heading to Pfeiffer Big Sur for a few days and am coming from Santa Maria. Debating north on the 1 out of Morro Bay or going up the 101 to Salinas, over to Monterey and south on the 1.

  5. Yay!!!!!! I can not imagine all the work and care it takes to get to “God’s Country” as I have dubbed your portion of the world. 🙂

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