Photo contest winners

First place, and winner of a $50 gift certificate to River Inn is Bette Nelson, of Monterey with her photograph of the photographers at Pfeiffer Beach. I loved this one for its touch of whimsy. It so speaks to one of the reasons people come here. THANKS TO ALAN PERLMUTTER OF THE RIVER INN FOR THE DONATION OF THE GIFT CERTIFICATE!! And Bette, contact me about the gift certificate, and about Barbara Sparkhawk’s, of Hawk’s Perch Gallery next to the River Inn to carry prints of this photograph for sale. Congratulations, Bette!!
This is what the full photograph looks like:

Winner by Bette Nelson

And in second place is the heart of a stone by Joya Roy, who took this on a recent camping trip here. Again, the full photo:

1st runner up by Joya Roy

And in third place is the hummingbird bridge by Martha Diehl.

2nd runner-up by Martha Diehl

Congratulations to the winner! Thank you one and all for submitting your photographs and for voting on the winners. Great job. Another one in a couple months, before fire season gets in full swing, and I’ll announce it in the “Notices” post at the top of the blog. I’m going to keep it generic Big Sur, I think. That seems to work better than a seasons-theme does.

Again, thank you to Alan Perlmutter of the River Inn for the donation of the $50 gift certificate, and to Barbara Sparhawk of Hawk’s Perch Gallery for offering to show and sell the photograph in her galley.

7 thoughts on “Photo contest winners

  1. I’m delighted at the choice of winner, it’s a totally unique, fabulous photograph. Bravo! Can you let us know where copies can be bought? And I’d love to carry prints in my gallery, The Hawks Perch. It speaks so well of the excitement of this place, the draw of Big Sur and the human reaction to what is found here.

  2. Kate, What a treat to have been voted the photo winner, on a blog that I consider so important to our community. While taking that picture at Pfeiffer beach & the excitement grew, it was amazing to hear several different languages being spoken. Certainly they were all “in the moment”.

  3. I have wanted to comment on the winner’s photograph ever since I saw it. I am not from Big Sur. All I know of your home is what I have read here and from documentaries once in awhile.
    I was struck by the light and all of us standing in the dark looking towards it and paying attention to it. The figure jogging out of the picture tells a story, also. How very much we all seek the light in our lives and, without fear standing in our way, move toward it and are fascinated by it. Very timeless and all encompassing, I think. This would catch my eye anywhere.
    Then I was struck by the second place symbolizing love and things from the heart.
    Third place speaks to me of a free spirit and the gift of soaring as we achieve our goals and learn how to fly.
    Wonderful example of the kind of people who visit your blog, Kate. Loving, free and seeking the light. Wow!

  4. Leslie, I so enjoyed your comments. I think it is time you visited Big Sur, in person.

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