Other Photo Entries

And here, as promised, are a few of the other wonderful entries that did not make the 10 finalists, some only because they would not survive the ultimate crop required. I’ll be posting a few on and off, as time allows.

Big Sur Wild by Brett Pallastrini, Long Ridge

I will add a couple more during the day today.

Big Sur Cabin Interior by Barbara Sparhawk

Big Creek by Seth Melchert of Oakland

3 thoughts on “Other Photo Entries

  1. Thanks for posting my photo Kate! To clarify, this pic was taken in between The Old Coast Road and Pico Blanco, although I do come from Long Ridge. Thank you though!

  2. Big Sur Cabin Interior reminds me that I haven’t been to Deetjen’s in ions.

  3. For some reason I completely missed this! Thanks for posting it. I spent 1 1/2 years, first house here, in one of the original Pfeiffer cabins on Sycamore Canyon. That’s the view of the woodstove, the window facing the pond and orchard, Sycamore Canyon Road beyond. Down by the creek was the motherlode of calla lilies and I filled the house with them all spring and summer.

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