9/11 weather report

4:00 pm – reports of both thunder and sprinkles in Paso Robles, coming in from the NE, he thinks. I seem to be living between the high, low clouds (fog) and the low, high clouds today.

10 am – While this is the 10th anniversary of the horrible terrorist attack, other than this quick mention, I prefer not to dwell on that infamous day. I spent pretty much a week in bed in abject depression from watching it unfold, and I cannot do that again.

Instead, I am keeping an eye on the sky. Here, I had rain/drizzle last night – enough to settle the dust a bit, revive a drooping Thompson seedless, and give a fresh taste to the air. It was less than 1/10th of an inch. I woke to chill.

Today, it continues to be overcast, thunder storms continue to be a possibility, and fires continue to rage through much of Fresno County, although there was rain, along with high winds on many fire areas last night, helping the firefighting effort.

Unless we I get reports of significant lightning, or I see it, I won’t be reporting much today, as I have work to do. Enjoy your Sunday, and try to remember the importance of this date, without dwelling or residing there. Come back to today, and what you can do to make your life and the lives of your loved ones better.

5 thoughts on “9/11 weather report

  1. Thank you, Kate, as well.

    The other night, Friday apparently there was quite a bit of lightening and thunderstorms in the San Francisco Bay Area. As we were driving home on Highway One near Aptos, I could have sworn I saw some lightening but thought myself imagining things.

    Have a restful day. Love you all! Jane in Capitola

  2. Thank you, Kate. I hung my very large American flag out over the balcony above the Hawks Perch. Looks good. God bless this troubled land of ours.

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