Big Sur Nation

I am an official citizen now. Lois DeFord and Doughty Sterling sent me this a couple months ago. Thanks, you two!

Doughty’s stories and photos of Big Sur can be found here:
Big Sur Nation

If you want your own cup, leave a message in the comment section, and I will forward your email to Lois so she can contact you with the pricing schedule.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the weather is gorgeous, beautiful fall day and even most of the coast is clear. You do know that fall is our best kept secret re: visiting us, don’t you? Crowds are gone, weather is better, and Big Sur’s enchantment is working!

11 thoughts on “Big Sur Nation

  1. Thanks Kate! Yes, I read your postings religiously as they are the best information available in Big Sur. Thank you for your diligence!

  2. Absolutely fabulous, Kate. I love thinking of us that way, and the cup looks splendid.
    Wonderful to read all this enthusiastic joy from you. I agree, feel as if I’m gobbling up the ether from our stunning environs.

  3. got to have a cup… that….
    in Colombia now, miss my mountain spot.
    Charlie …hums….

  4. Kate !! You are Many Things >>> here’s a Few.


    Welcome ‘Official Citizen’.


  5. Coolest cup I have ever seen Kate and you deserve it since you hold our Big Sur Nation together with the cohesiveness of your ongoing reporting and information.

    Blessings and Happy Fall.


  6. Kate and Lois….
    My soul breathes Big Sur…would love the cup….do not get home but a couple of times yearly…at this point…have been coming since I was a child of five years old…am now 62….you are my lifeline to eternity with all that IS the Mother Sur….Kate…keep on keepin’ on….and thank you for keeping us all connected…

  7. I do live vicariously through you, Kate! LOVE the Big Sur Nation site! Only live down the road, not in your neighborhood…. don’t know that I deserve a cup but, would love one 🙂 Thanks, as ever, for keepin’ it real! xoxoxox

  8. Sterling is a very positive influence
    for us all…and I would delight to be involved with the Big Sur Nation

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