Servants of the Sur

I was reading through the comments to my blog for the last few months, looking for a specific one, and came across one that honored Montgomery London as a “servant of the Sur.” It stopped me in my quest, and I realized, we are all “servants of the Sur” — residents and visitors, alike. Each of us, in our own way, serves Her. Her spirit, Her wildness, Her depth – She demands service from us. Each of us has shared experiences, but there are also those very private ones that are ours alone.

A week ago, I again spotted an illusive mountain lion. I have been fortunate to see her on a number of occasions, and each has its own magic. One of my favorites was when my mother was with me and we saw her together.

I serve the Sur. But she takes care of me in ways that another person, being, entity could not. She nurtures me, my soul, my creativity, and gives me the love of a Great Mother.

For me, two of the seasons are always challenges – winter storms, cold, road closures, and all the challenges surrounding winter events

– summer heat, bugs, clueless campers, fires and all the challenges surrounding summer events.

But in the end, my soul soars in Big Sur, and I am her willing servant.

Just a note, nice weather on the way, work has piled up to such an extent is screaming for my attention, so I might not be around for a few days, unless there is an emergency.

6 thoughts on “Servants of the Sur

  1. This is perfect, Kate! Beautiful images and your words are just wonderful. I remember well my heart soaring in Big Sur, and to be honest, that’s what I miss about being where I am now. My heart doesn’t sing the way it does when I’m in a natural place where my body/soul just align with it perfectly. So I understand how you feel. Great post! 🙂

  2. Well said. Funny, I just uploaded a few lines about our mountain lion sighting – although it was not a sighting so much as a hearing!

  3. It is just this that drew me to your site, your love of Big Sur and your willingness to share her through your photography.
    …….oh..and your furry friends, too!

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