Happy Thanksgiving

WordPress is out of whack. I can’t get the graphic greeting from Dan Danbom to post. Regardless, may your heart be as full as your belly, and may all your thanks be hearfelt.

Blessings, bigsurkate

I am going to try to upload Dan Danbom’s Thanksgiving Day graphic one last time (I seem to have created a work-around for my internet, cellular reception problem, so at least I can continue to post – it is inserting photos which is now the problem!) If you don’t see an image … guess what didn’t work?

8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Thank you Kate! And a very heartfelt happy holiday wish to you and your family – human or otherwise, present in person or virtually or absent (for now!) – from the crew @ Joshua Canyon!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Kate. I am thankful for you giving me a distant connection to Big Sur. Counting the days to a visit in February!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Kate, we are blessed to have you and to know you!

    Jane, Santa Cruz

  4. And I am thankful for so many things – one of which is the connection between all lovers of Big Sur – my readers!

    BTW, my Internet has apparently lost her mind, and even when I am on someone else’s Internet (or town)the two times I tried to post photos, wordpress didn’t cooperate. Someone told me Verizon changed their signal band, and Avis was successful getting photos posted, so I’ll be trouble shooting until I can resolve this. Posts without graphics are like mornings without coffee. An Abomination!

  5. Just saw this, today, Kate. I’m a little late, but not sorry I took time to scroll through what I have missed. I’m laughing so hard. Happy Holidays to you, my Big Sur friend. 🙂

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