Wind, Road Conditions, and Mike Tyner

UPDATE: Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. should be officially open in the morning, and the county is planning on keeping an eye on it to make sure it remains clear. Telephones in South County were not working, so it took a while to get the evening update. Unless you must get through it, it would be advisable to wait until daylight hours.

County Roads is working Nacimiento RD from east to west to clear it, be there around noon. Will work toward the coast. County will give me an update sometime after 5 pm on conditions. Here is their website, but it is also listed in the winter links provided to the right: County Roads

One VWS biologist, Mike Tyner, was killed when a tree fell on him during the high winds of Wednesday, 11/30/11.

From Ventana Wildlife Society:

“Mike Tyner was a wildlife biologist who dedicated the last six of his nine years working for Ventana Wildlife Society, to save California Condors in Big Sur, CA. He was truly an exceptional individual who served as the field supervisor for Ventana Wildlife Society’s condor recovery program. Tragically, during high winds that we received in Big Sur on November 30, a tree toppled causing his death. This loss is catastrophic, heartbreaking, and painful. As our staff mourns the passing of a remarkable friend, our hearts go out to his family. Mike will be greatly missed!” – Kelly Sorenson, VWS Executive Director and VWS Staff

Mike Tyner and Condor

A friend’s house suffered structural damage when a tree fell on her roof.

Storm damage by Debbie Reed

Power has been out to Big Sur Valley for some time, and my appt to get my Commander serviced was canceled, as they had no power, either!


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12 thoughts on “Wind, Road Conditions, and Mike Tyner

  1. I am so sorry you guys, here in Capitola last night, I have never seen the wind so bad, it was like a blizzard, without the snow. I can only imagine how it was for you. Hang tough!


  2. Trees down all over my neighborhood in Fresno. I lost 1/2 a redwood as it snapped in half and landed in a neighbor’s yard. Missed his home by inches. Biggest wind event in the 18 years I’ve lived in the Valley.

  3. Mike Tyner was a one-of-kind wildlife biologist who committed the last nine years working for Ventana Wildlife Society’s Condor Program In Big Sur. I can say that it was truly an honor to work alongside Mike, he was truly an exceptional biologist and a great freind. His death came very unexpectedly and very tragically, my thoughts and prayers go out his family. Mike will be dearly missed by all who knew him and his postive impacts on Big Sur’s natural beauty will live on through the condors…I’m almost sure he’s up there soaring with them now.

  4. God bless Mike. Fly with the angels and condors. You will be missed.
    Be safe out there everyone. The wind is still cranking out here on the coast. Big Sur is a mess. Power is back up in most places in big sur proper at this time.

  5. How terrible the loss of Mike Tyner. My thoughts and sympathies go to his family and friends. And to the California Condors who may not know of his loss, but will surely feel it. How tragic the destruction that the wind caused.

  6. When I left the comment above the notice of Mike’s tragic death was not extended and while it was mentioned I somehow did not see it. This is a tragic loss for not only his family but for the project and the birds he worked so hard for.
    I am sure Mike was involved in efforts to save or at least look out for the condors during the Basin Complex Fire. RIP Mike, the birds soar in part because of your work.

  7. Mike was my uncle and he was like my brother. When I heard the news he was killed its was hard to believe someone who I grew up with is gone. I have many memories of him from when I was a child now its hard to believe my uncle mike is gone. Seeing he helped many birds made me proud, but still hurts me knowing a 200 year old tree took my uncle of all of us, now he is flying with the birds and still helping them in spirit. My heart breaks and cant stop the tears and so hard to believe my uncle mike is gone . I will always be his little niece and sister. I will always love you mike

  8. My heart truly goes out to my Aunt on the passing of my cousin Mike. You will be deeply missed….Sending you all our Love from .Missouri .

  9. Mike Tyner was that rare individual who was a dedicated professional with a heart of gold. Mike was a conscientious, kind hearted, gentleman who always had a smile and kind word. It was and always has been an honor and joy to know Mike. Mike leaves a family that is devastated and a wide circle of friends who are heart broken. Our thoughts and prayers are for his dear Mother, his brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins. Mike was preceeded in death by his adoring father Jack.

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind and gentle words. They are enomously comforting. If not for these musings, Ventana Wildlife Society’s kindness and the whole Big Sur community, I could not have made it though this. Michael’s mother and family.

  11. We are extremely saddened to hear of the loss of Tim Skeen’s brother Mike. Although we did not personally know Mike, Tim and Rose Skeens are cherished friends of ours and any loss to them is a loss to us. We grieve and mourn this tragic loss and hope as the pain lessons that you may share your memories of your brother with us. Our deepest condolences to the entire family, may he visit you in your dreams and live long in your hearts. Love, Jennie Tomita and Mike Peddicord

  12. Mikey -God broke our hearts to prove to us he only takes the best * We miss you terribly, * Our family WILL never be the same. * Until we meet again may God hold your hand my little brother.

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