Fire Season vs. Rainy Season

Twice a year, the links on this blog change. (See links to the right.) Normally, we switch from fire season to rainy season links in November. This fire season went on WAY LONGER than expected, and thus we are just now changing back to the weather links we usually have up for this time of year. If you have a favorite weather link not listed, share it with us.

BTW, at 10 am I have .06″ of rain, and like virtually everyone in California, I am enjoying every one-hundredth of an inch!

This is the predicted rainfall through Saturday night, starting this afternoon in the North Bay and reaching us by tonight.see that little purple spot on the bottom, before the county line? That’s approximately where I am -indicating 2″.


Weather Report, 12/22/12

11:32 AM – highway 1 [1] MUD SLIDE AND BOULDER 1125 SB LANE ONLY
This is at Highway One, southbound at the intersection with Carmel Valley Rd. man, I’ve never seen a slide here in all my 28 years!

10:00 am – Okay, we’ve got weather, boys and girls, and we are going to HAVE weather, unsettled weather up until Xmas.

Here is a NEXRAD shot from early this am:


And here are the 24 hour rain totals from 6 am (when I GLANCED at my rain gauge at first light, I think it was around 1 and 1/2 inches, since yesterday afternoon)


Here is another NEXRAD shot from later this am (note the time in PST is on the top left)


And here is the most recently tweeted shot from NWS-Monterey. It shows a band of lightning and strong winds coming through Carmel:


Wind, Road Conditions, and Mike Tyner

UPDATE: Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. should be officially open in the morning, and the county is planning on keeping an eye on it to make sure it remains clear. Telephones in South County were not working, so it took a while to get the evening update. Unless you must get through it, it would be advisable to wait until daylight hours.

County Roads is working Nacimiento RD from east to west to clear it, be there around noon. Will work toward the coast. County will give me an update sometime after 5 pm on conditions. Here is their website, but it is also listed in the winter links provided to the right: County Roads

One VWS biologist, Mike Tyner, was killed when a tree fell on him during the high winds of Wednesday, 11/30/11.

From Ventana Wildlife Society:

“Mike Tyner was a wildlife biologist who dedicated the last six of his nine years working for Ventana Wildlife Society, to save California Condors in Big Sur, CA. He was truly an exceptional individual who served as the field supervisor for Ventana Wildlife Society’s condor recovery program. Tragically, during high winds that we received in Big Sur on November 30, a tree toppled causing his death. This loss is catastrophic, heartbreaking, and painful. As our staff mourns the passing of a remarkable friend, our hearts go out to his family. Mike will be greatly missed!” – Kelly Sorenson, VWS Executive Director and VWS Staff

Mike Tyner and Condor

A friend’s house suffered structural damage when a tree fell on her roof.

Storm damage by Debbie Reed

Power has been out to Big Sur Valley for some time, and my appt to get my Commander serviced was canceled, as they had no power, either!


Get prepared and find some good savings on portable generators for the next power outage.