Weather Report, 12/22/12

11:32 AM – highway 1 [1] MUD SLIDE AND BOULDER 1125 SB LANE ONLY
This is at Highway One, southbound at the intersection with Carmel Valley Rd. man, I’ve never seen a slide here in all my 28 years!

10:00 am – Okay, we’ve got weather, boys and girls, and we are going to HAVE weather, unsettled weather up until Xmas.

Here is a NEXRAD shot from early this am:


And here are the 24 hour rain totals from 6 am (when I GLANCED at my rain gauge at first light, I think it was around 1 and 1/2 inches, since yesterday afternoon)


Here is another NEXRAD shot from later this am (note the time in PST is on the top left)


And here is the most recently tweeted shot from NWS-Monterey. It shows a band of lightning and strong winds coming through Carmel:


6 thoughts on “Weather Report, 12/22/12

  1. Yep, it’s pouring here. I’m the designated “come get us” transport in the Canyon, if another redwood tree decides to fall on Palo Colorado Rd again. Merry Christmas to one & all! Stay safe.

  2. This is a guess… coming south where there’s a left turn lane for CV Road, the cliffs on the right jut out bit and are high; once you turn onto CV it’s flatland. Explains a very quiet road to the village, not much traffic.

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