14 thoughts on “Photos for a Saturday

  1. Ahh KATE … Great shots … ‘specially the third one.


    btw do you ‘require’ that pics submitted to you be of a certain size i.e. number of KB or MB ?

  2. We lived for two years on Empire Grade in Santa Cruz County with a comprehensive view of the ocean from about 3,000 ft. and I don’t recall ever seeing an off shore fog bank as well delineated. Great shot Kate.

  3. Thanks, Jane … but I get lots of opportunities to “show off” my photographs. I like seeing what others do. The way we see the same things differently, the perspective one chooses, all make it so interesting to hold these contests, as you and I have discussed.

    Firefighter Mike – yeah, that was pretty awesome – a “surf” of fog coming in, for sure!

    Michael Covey … only for the contest do I want a certain size. I do request 72 dpi, as it is MUCH easier to download/upload. Also, under 1 lMB is good, anything else takes so very long, due to my internet connection. My friends regularly send me 4 MB (they don’t know and can’t figure out any differently) and if there are a number of them, they will take all day to download!

  4. Hi Jane, your photographs are breathtaking, photos that go straight to my heart. My favorite is the first one; sunset encompassing all. The vote is a no-brainer; you are doing what I have been wanting to do for years, but I’ve allowed work and life to get in the way. I think that is about to change. Thank you for the beauty. You should have 100+ votes. It is ‘Pure Serenity”. Good luck!!

  5. Rafala: that is so sweet, thanks so much for your kind words, One person who I don’t know had her friend write and said that it was like being in Heaven and reaching out to the nearby stars.

    Interestingly, I took the photo up the hills at a very spiritual place. JPM

  6. All so incredibly beautiful, Kate. The very second I opened on this, chimes sounded from the Buddhist temple across the meadow. I get to see pretty spectacular starry night and sunrise, sunsets here. But there’s little on Earth to compete with Big Sur and the Pacific. Thanks for the view.

  7. these sure made a few awwwww’s and huge smiles in a bleak day kate…I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying life. I think of you often and hope all is well and warm.sending you loves and hugs

  8. That last photo is lovely lovely lovely. A view that I’d sit until well-after sunset to watch the clouds shift.

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