Friday the 13th, Zebras, and other stories

I didn’t want to write this morning, for fear I would jinx myself. Now that I am safely escounsed in my own home, I figure I’ll give it my best shot. It was actually a good day, no hi-jinxs came my way today.

First, Zebras were close to the road today, so I took advantage of it. This is for my friend Rose, who has a thing for Zebras. It think it is their cute little butts. But who knows? Maybe its the black and white of it all!

Zebras for Rose

(YAY! It inserted!) For those out of the area, when Hearst built his castle, he imported some exotic animals, among them, the zebra. Now the herd of a dozen or more are healthy and happy with lots of “home-like” land to roam.

Second, here are a couple of shots of the rock drapery on last year’s Alder Creek slide. You should see those rock climbers lay this stuff down. Such talented people Cal-Trans has working for it.

Bottom of Rock Drapery, Alder Creek 1/13/12

Top of Rock Drapery, Alder Creek 1/13/12

Wow! Two more photos uploaded AND inserted! This is my lucky day!

And lastly, I warned about accepting advertisements. Well, I added two links on specific prior posts a couple days ago, and today, I am adding a new link to the right under a new category for “Sponsors.” These are for people who pay me for providing a link to their site. You can ignore them, but it would probably help me if you could click on one, once in a while. Right now there is only one, but since it leads to a fire fighting course, I thought it was very worthwhile. The money I was paid for these three links is enough to cover the donation I made earlier this week to the BSVFB, so it all comes around in the end.

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH EVERYONE! And it looks like Kate is no longer “unplugged.” (Thanks, Neil for pointing that out.)

~ by bigsurkate on January 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Friday the 13th, Zebras, and other stories”

  1. Saw the completed Alder Slide last June. Thank you again, Caltrans. “Doing” castle to coast tomorrow. Maybe we’ll see zebras, too


  2. I always love seeing the Zebras, I wish there were giraffes running around the landscape! I remember seeing the elusive “udad” (spelling is incorrect, as I can’t find the spelling anywhere in any form in the dictionary) long ago a couple of times near Salmon Creek.


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