Highway One remains closed

Per Suzanne Cruz, PIO for Cal-Trans, Highway One remains closed, just north of Limekiln. Cal-Trans anticipates it will be open sometime mid-week. No more specificity. I guess they are allowing some leeway as to whether it will be Weds. or Thurs. I had to cancel two doctors appoints and reschedule. Life behind the slide.

3:00 pm – BTW, winds of 21 mph just blew in some sprinkles. Caught me by surprise, and I had to button things down outside.

2 thoughts on “Highway One remains closed

  1. Well, Kate, hee hee – good thing we didn’t take bets! Hang in, down there, ok? And of course, thanks again…..

  2. oh bummer Kate, well it will open soon and the “old normal” will be back.


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