2 thoughts on “Highway Open!

  1. I see the cars headed south (I’m at PV School), hallelujah! Thank you “squeaky wheels” for making it happen!

  2. I drove down to Morro Bay today, and noted the vast emptiness of the highway. Coming home (I already knew the road was open) traffic was up from a normal winter day – almost summer, but not quite.

    What I wondered is – why were so many Cal-Trans trucks, not our crew, rushing northward this morning? (I counted over a dozen.) That told me the road would open HOURS before it was announced to the community. I ran into one who had stopped for coffee in San Simeon around 10, and he told me it was due to open today. Cal-Trans had to have know last night, methinks.

    Frankly, Lisa, I don’t think we “squeaked” enough with this one. I feel, based on information others shared with me (you know those SC rumors, though) that this could have been opened last week, if ANY of the information I obtained is accurate. Some of it has to be, right?

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